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NOTICE: We're not just pictures anymore!!! As of October 10, we now have caresheets. Although we have very few at the moment, we plan on adding many more, hopefully at least 2 a week. The link to the caresheet index can be found below.

Varanid Caresheets

Check out this screen made by Steve Raymond of Rare Reptiles. It shows a number of species. Click here to see it.

Crocodile Monitor Photos (V. salvadorii)

White and Black Throated Monitor Photos (V. albigularis sp)

Gould and Argus Monitor Photos (V. gouldii sp)

Tree Monitor Photos (V. prasinus/V. beccarii)

Timors and Similar Monitors (V. timorensis, gilleni, etc)

Perentie Monitors (V. giganteus)

Lace Monitors (V. varius)

Spiny Tailed Monitors (V. acanthurus)

Roughneck Monitors (V. rudicollis/V. dumerilli)

Savannah Monitors (V. exanthematicus)

Mangrove Monitors (V. indicus)

Nile Monitor (V. niloticus)

Various Australian Monitors (V. sp.)

Various Other Monitors (V. sp.)

Cross Bred Monitors

Water Monitors (V. salvator)

Tricolor Monitor (V. yuwonoi)

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